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magnetic pole

...likes buildings

22 November
Hi, my name is Maggie. Welcome to my (mostly fannish) journal! I'm a long-time Harry Potter fan and occasional dabbler in other fandoms, including Sherlock and Elementary. I'm fond of politics, minor characters, and reinterpretations of canon. Posts with fannish content are public; posts with personal content tend to be friends-locked. I'm more than happy to add you, but I like knowing who's reading the personal content on this journal.

Age statement and friending policy: I am over the age of 18. Anyone of any age can friend this journal, but please browse responsibly if you are underage. If you're reading my journal or adding me to your friends list, you can also introduce yourself here.

Where to find me: I also have a journal at Dreamwidth, magnetic_pole. Currently I'm trying to post at both LJ and DW. I also have an older, dormant journal at IJ, magnetic_pole.

Looking for my fic? There is a master list of my fic and meta here. I'm also beginning to post my fic to Archive of Our Own.

I've helped moderate a couple fun fannish activities you might be interested in:


rs_small_gifts, a year-end R/S fic and art exchange community, usually kicking off at the end of October or the beginning of November. Currently co-modded with the lovely and supremely organized mindabbles and sambethe. Previously co-modded with busaikko, whose excellent idea it was in the first place.
[2013 master list] [2012 master list] [2011 master list] [2010 master list] [2009 master list] [2008 master list] [2007 master list] [2006 master list]

lgbtq_recs, a month of queer-themed recs--books, movies, music, academic articles, television shows, etc. Active in June, with sign-ups in late May.
[June 2014 master list] [June 2013 master list] [June 2012 master list] [June 2011 master list] [June 2010 master list] [June 2009 master list] [June 2008 master list]

One-time challenges and activities:

dh2_challenge / DH2_Challenge on DW, a comm for fanworks based on Deathly Hallows movie or book canon. Active July and August 2011. [master list]

hbpchallenge, a comm for fanworks related to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, timed to coincide with the opening of the movie. Active July 2009. [master list]

800_words, a community for first war-era ficlets of--you guessed it--800 words, timed to coincide with the publication of JKR's own 800-word short story. Active June 2008. [master list]

dh_predictions, a community for Deathly Hallows predictions and ficlets, drabbles, and art, active July and August 2007. [master list]

api_recs, a recs community for media dealing with the experiences of Asians and Pacific Islanders outside of Asia.[master list]

hp_reread, a community for rereading the Harry Potter series before the release of Deathly Hallows, active from February to July 2007. [community info]