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Posting challenge 7/15: Home alone

I spoke too quickly about things easing up at school, unfortunately. It might just be one of those semesters. So let's talk about other things and focus on the positive.

* I got a long, newsy, handwritten letter in the mail last week! I'd almost forgotten how lovely it is to communicate in this tangible way and to find something personal in the mail box.

* I visited my brother and sister-in-law and the two nephews (ages 4 and 7) last weekend and have apparently passed on some bad habits: the 4YO now declares that he "has to do a little work" in his high-pitched little 4YO voice and then goes to his desk and scribbles on a post-it until he can't fit any more scribbling. Clearly, I need to stop saying that (and also need to remedy the underlying problem), but really: could that be any sweeter? Watching him reminded me of the magic that adult life holds for kids.

* The grocery store has had clementines on sale for several weeks now (YAY!), and I've been buying a bag to bring to class and share with the students on days I feel particularly cranky. Fruit makes everything better.

Also: am I the only one who thinks clementines are tastier than oranges? I can hardly eat oranges (they're too tart), but the little clementines are just right.

* I'm home alone for a few days while the better half is on a work trip, and I'm appreciating the silence--that deep kind of silence that allows you to hear the thrum of the refrigerator and the distant sounds of people out on the street.

How are you, flist?

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Feb. 25th, 2016 08:06 am (UTC)
*Yeah* for clementines: in addition to their sweet taste they are so much easier to peel than oranges ;-)

And I am with you on apprecating the silence as well; when I was young I had the radio playing so much, now I rarely switch it on - mostly in the car or when I want to listen to the news... Which means I am totally out of knowing what is going on in the field of pop-music :-); sometimes A. mentions some new singer and can't believe I have never heard of him/her, very rarely she feels the need to use her music-provider on her I-phone to have me listen to a song then :-).
Feb. 25th, 2016 02:34 pm (UTC)
I like clementines better, too. They're easy to peel, just the right amount of fruit, and I do think they're sweeter.

I used to be all about silence. I reveled in it. It relaxed me. Now, with the ringing in my ears, I rarely get to experience it, but I still think it's something special and hard to come by nowadays, even if you don't carry constant sound around in your ears. There's a different quality about being home by yourself when you're used to having some else there alot, too. It can get lonely, but it's also rather freeing. I hope you enjoy your time with yourself! :D
Feb. 25th, 2016 03:32 pm (UTC)
Actual, substantial mail in the mailbox is such a wonderful thing!

Clementines are amazing; I also prefer them to regular oranges.

There is very little silence to be had with a 13 month old underfoot, but I know the silence you're talking bout and revel in it on the rare occasions it appears!
Feb. 25th, 2016 03:40 pm (UTC)
Clementines are totally sweeter than oranges, I agree. Just as a side note, clementine juice is excellent in a cosmopolitan... The weekend IS close.

I hate those kind of semesters. I feel for you.
Feb. 25th, 2016 04:15 pm (UTC)
Have you ever had a Minneola tangelo? They're yummy! I also like Temple oranges - available for only a short time - for juice. They are a bitch to peel for eating, but just amazing for juice.

I almost never have music on, but as I'm on the computer a lot, it's never silent. That and the ringing in my ears. But I do like the quiet, and being able to hear the natural sounds, especially when I'm outside.
Feb. 25th, 2016 04:27 pm (UTC)
Quiet is indeed a nice thing. Being mostly deaf, I can get it easier than most. But I do like the times when the breeze is gentle and there are no equipment noises, or people noises, only the occasional gunshot off in the distance.

I like navel oranges for eating citrus fruit, I'll have to check out the clementines. They're kind of tangerine-like, right?

Feb. 25th, 2016 07:29 pm (UTC)
I agree on the clementines - wonderfully sweet and so easy to peel.

And yes to the joys of spending a few days alone - the sound of silence. There's nothing quite like it.

I hope the workload will ease up soon!
Feb. 25th, 2016 08:26 pm (UTC)
Clementines are fantastic. They don't have as much pulp as oranges, either, and they're usually so tender

Your nephew sounds adorable. That mimicking sort of thing cracks me up. I remember when Toby was that age and Howard was putting together a bookcase. After Howard did something, Toby would run to his plastic toolbox, find the matching plastic tool, and then do it, too. Little kids are adorable, and four is just such a fun, sweet age! (Seven is fun too, in a completely different way :) )

I totally agree with you about business trips. I know we both adore our other halves, but if they have to go, you might as well enjoy all the things you can't do when you're considering someone else, like eating what they don't like for dinner, watching something they don't want to see, sleeping across the whole bed and hogging the covers, or like you said, just enjoying the silence :)

Hope the workload eases up soon!
Feb. 25th, 2016 09:44 pm (UTC)
* I got a long, newsy, handwritten letter in the mail last week! I'd almost forgotten how lovely it is to communicate in this tangible way and to find something personal in the mail box.

Aww, that sounds wonderful. It's been ages since I have written or received mail in that way....and this makes me want to.

I am glad you are appreciating the silence. I know some people don't like it, but I'm someone who really needs some time away from people every once in a while. (My cat is the exception! ;) )
Feb. 26th, 2016 07:50 pm (UTC)
working 4 yo is adorable!

And I am a firm believer that clementines are one of the best things on the planet.
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